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I’ll be collecting and hosting my blog posts from around the traps on this site from now. In the past I have blogged about complexity theory and economics at my first blog The Degenerate State, and about mostly economics things at former group blog Meso Soup. So I’ll be archiving some of my faves from there, here, tagged #DegenerateState and #MesoSoup respectively.

The prompt for this spring clean has been an invitation to join the blogging consortium Notes on Liberty—which I’ve decided to accept. So I’ll be cross-posting my contributions to #NOL over here too. Finally, I need an outlet to express my ideas (not least to document priority/provenance) relating to the emerging field of Cryptoeconomics—something I’ve been scattering across the interwebs in dribs and drabs for years now.

So I hope to be posting at the confluence of four broad streams: complexity, economics, liberty, and crypto.


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